O-1889 is a white paper with format A4, with no drawings on the back. The paper has a drawing confirmed to be with human blood, as you can tell by the red color of the landscape drawn on the paper and the splatters. The paper reveals a black human figure standing near a tree with no face, but two black eyes. In the background there seems to be people who are hung from the neck from ropes, who seem to be smiling while being burnt from a fire. It is unknown who the author is of this drawing, nor what the story is supposed to be behind the drawing. The paper was found in a bunker, in a room 8x8x8 meters. The paper was laying on a wooden table which dead bodies surrounded. The cause of death is unknown. When looking at O-1889 the victim feels extremely uncomfortable, and looking at it for long periods of time might cause insomnia. When physical contact is made with O-1889 the victim will be completely paralyzed. No movement has been detected on any testsub or personnel while testing. After that the victim will collapse due to blood loss for unknown reason. All blood in the body will vanish for unknown reasons. When attached to a bloodbag, the bloodbag will change blood types, causing the victim to still be able to live for a couple of hours but die due to incorrect blood feeding. It is unknown what the victims experience while paralyzed.

There has been no case of survivors.

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